Benedict’s Final Address

Written By: luke4079 - Feb• 27•13

Upon watching Pope Benedict’s final public address at 5 am eastern time, curled up on the couch in my son’s Transformer’s blanket, I was struck the gravity of the event.  As Catholics, we are truly living in extraordinary times!

  • Extraordinary because Pope Benedict is the first pope to step down in 600 years, citing heath reasons
  • Extraordinary because UK’s Cardinal Keith O’Brian steps down due to in appropriate behavior, while also citing health reasons
  • Extraordinary because Philadelphia’s Monsignor William Lynn sentenced to 3 to 6 for his active cover-up of sexual abuse crimes
  • Extraordinary because Boston’s former Cardinal Law  fled the US authorities to escape persecution

As I watch the coverage, the camera pans over to the curia where I see the men who have played an active role in the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal cover-up.  I can’t help thinking: These are the same men who will elect one of them as the next pope.  The Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal has rocked the church the world over.  In 2002, the Boston Globe lit up the pews by revealing the pedophile priests the Catholic Church has been shuffling from parish to parish for decades. At the time, Rome called it a US press attack upon the Catholic Church.  Now in 2013, the pedophile scandal has engulfed Catholic Churches in England, Ireland and Australia.

Bishops continue to bury documents that will help remove molesters from the world’s streets as reporters covering the event such as MSNBC’s Anne Thompson, mention the sexual abuse crisis and the need for transparency.  Phrases such as “uncharted waters” and “unprecedented” are broadcast from the Vatican to Catholics who now classify themselves as lapsed, conservative, traditional and moderate.

I can’t speak for the masses, but for me, the common voice needed among this Tower of Babel is simply TRUTH.  Will the next pope truly expunge pedophile priests?  Will the next pope truly identify bishops and cardinals responsible for the sexual abuse crisis and bring them to authorities?

Truth and transparency!  One can only pray.


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