A Kind Man

Written By: luke4079 - Nov• 02•13

In March of this year, the release of our book Luke 17:2 coincided with the resignation of a pope and the election of another. I was asked often at the time for my opinion on the matter. I wrote the following piece in response. ~ Patrick Emerton


The Next Pope Should Be …
By Patrick Emerton
March 11, 2013

The next pope should be a kind man … who cares for his people more than he cares for his business or the architecture of his views; for it is his business to care for every soul who comes to him for guidance, and it is his job to help build that scaffolding we use to structure our relationship with the mysterious, with the powers of nature, with the energy of the atom, neutrino, and cell, with the wonders of the Universe, the spirit of joy, and the madness of love.

The next pope should be a kind man … who assures that he is in charge of an enterprise that treats all people equally, one that protects individuals against groups; and he will also assure that checks are put into place to deflate his own hubris before he becomes just another disconnected emperor.

The next pope should be a kind man … who picks up a cloth and starts wiping tears, he needs to swaddle babies and bury old people, he needs to work through an argument with his lover, and do something so that the next time I write a piece about what the next pope should be it will start with the word “she.”

The next pope should be a kind man … who’s grateful every day that he still has a job; he’ll be transparent and he’ll know that if he isn’t performing properly, if he turns the truth into lies, justice into crimes, and good into evil, then he’ll be out the Porta Sancta! And in cuffs if need be!

The next pope should be … a kind man.

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