To Be Clear

Written By: luke4079 - Nov• 04•13

DISCLAIMER: To be clear, this website, its companion Twitter and Facebook sites, and our book, Luke 17:2, make a distinction between the administrators of the Roman Catholic Church and the religion of Roman Catholicism. We are not commenting upon the religion, we are commenting upon its bureaucracy, its autocratic hierarchy. Our concern is for current and future people who may turn over their better reason to absolute authority.

But it’s tricky when pointing out the faults of the administrators to not also trample upon that which is good about the religion — its contemplative methods, emphasis on charity, richness of art — it’s hard to draw the distinction between the clerics and the religion, for the adherents of this system believe that they are one and the same. It’s an institute of good that’s being run poorly; and this mismanagement inflicts a great suffering that ripples through the ages, corroding society, causing great harm to the individual and community.

We believe that there is immense richness for the soul in the methods and rituals of Roman Catholicism, but that its operating officers (the shepherds of our soul’s progress) have fallen victim to the warps in their own system – it’s a nontransparent institute which operates under the belief that it has no accountability to outside authority – they have forgotten to put the checks and balances into place to deflate the hubris – it’s devoid of democracy – and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The institute is rotten to the core, the religion burns on gloriously.

~ Written by Patrick Emerton

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