Chapter 5 – CAMPING

Written By: luke4079

And on this trip, Jimmy was his victim. Paquin climbed into his sleeping bag that night. The next day, Paquin fell asleep at the wheel while traveling down Interstate 93 south in Tilton, NH. According to one of the other boys in the car, Jimmy tried to grab the wheel when he fell asleep, but it was to no avail. The Lincoln veered off the road, rolled down a hill, and threw Jimmy out.  The car then rolled on top of him.

I looked up and saw Paquin with his hands raised above Jimmy’s coffin, and listened to him say, “A darkness has come upon us, O Lord. And out of the shadow we offer our prayers.” The Human Touch was then sung, and the mass was over. The blasphemy of Paquin saying Jimmy’s funeral mass was inescapable to me. I determined right then and there that I was moving away from the church. I attended mass less and less; and then, finally, stopped going. There was nothing for me there. I looked up to the sky. I see how you ruin things you prick! And I don’t want any part of it!


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