Written By: luke4079

Tears flowed from underneath my sunglasses as I drove north. I lifted my coffee cup from its holder to take a swig, but I couldn’t steady the coffee, my hand was shaking too violently. I was lost in the past while trying drive into the future, and yet it seemed like I couldn’t go forward unless I went back. It was confusing. I didn’t know which way I was going. I snapped the wheel. Crossing several lanes of traffic, I darted for the exit. My tires squealed. It was like someone else was steering the car toward Haverhill. One part of me was screaming to get back to work, and the other part, now in control, was forcing me to find an answer, or to do something about the Catholic Church. I had to head back to St. John the Baptist, to where it all began. Am I finally going to burn the church down?


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