Written By: luke4079

By the end of February, the frequency of the stories had picked-up. On a daily basis, new headlines were thrown on doorsteps, and popped-up on screens. Everyone was talking about them. And it was becoming clear that this Geoghan incident was hardly isolated. Each headline seemed to reveal deeper secrets, as the Globe’s Spotlight Team unearthed more and more bones from the Catholic crypt: Officials Avoided Confronting Priests Over Abuse; Church Settled Six Lawsuits Against Priest; Scores Of Priests Involved In Sexual Abuse Cases; Woman Says Church Ignored Her Outcries; Church Cloak And Culture Of Silence.

I didn’t want to hear these stories! But I couldn’t miss a word. One morning on my drive to work it seemed as if every station was talking about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. Don’t think about it! It’s not your problem! It’s not your mess! You have gone too far in your life to let any of this get in your way. But I couldn’t turn off the radio. I was transfixed.


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