Chapter 13 – VEGAS

Written By: luke4079

Like a siege engine breaking a castle’s wall, Vegas had been breached. A wave of anxiety washed over me. I was happy Paquin was arrested, and pissed-off at myself for not being the one to do it. My hands trembled and my eyes filled with tears.

The lights on the strip began to illuminate the scene below my window. I walked over and gazed down in silence. My eyes were watery. What am I becoming, and why can’t I control it?

…I looked in that area and thought of Janis… and of our marriage less than a year ago… and about our honeymoon in Italy, and about how I asked her to marry me right here at the Rio in Vegas. I’m sorry. I’m not who you thought I was. I’m just a coward. Help me get through this. Help me find my way. 


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