Chapter 14 – WHO AM I?

Written By: luke4079

I was now a stranger in my own mind. I had the feeling that I was lost; but VOTF was providing direction. I arrived at the church late to a meeting that I told Svea I most likely could not attend, and I took a few minutes to collect myself in the parking lot. I could see the light on in the basement. There were at least 15 cars in the lot. I stepped out, and walked toward the door. I paused, took a deep breath, and opened it.

Twenty people sat in metal folding chairs that formed a circle in the room. I stood in the doorway. Everybody turned to look at me. People sitting with their backs to me nudged their chairs, so they could see. The metal groaned and squeaked against the cement floor. I felt a bit silly just standing there.

Learning for a fact that Cardinal Law reassigned Paquin while knowing he was a sexual predator, and now seeing firsthand how he was trying to squash this voice of concern from the people in the pews—gave me a new resolve.



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