Chapter 21 – IN THE CHAMBERS

Written By: luke4079

I hated rendering a “no comment,” my hope was that we really would get some substance, and have movement on the on issues with a joint statement. I should have realized that Donna was stonewalling. She played it very well. She knew that we would not issue a statement, unless it was approved; therefore by stalling, the press would move on to other issues. She was good. I was impressed; but I felt that I let VOTF down. I had one job to do, and I failed it. I let Donna get the better of me. I vowed to not let that happen again. I decided that from now on, all of our press conferences after meeting with the bishop, were going to be held in front of Cardinal Law’s administrative offices/residence—without asking for approval. That will smoke Donna out to the microphones for a comment.


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