Chapter 24 – FEET TO THE FIRE

Written By: luke4079

I took on the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. An excerpt from the Associated Press story entitled, “Boston Archdiocese Won’t Accept Funds from Laity-led Reform Group, read as follows: “VOTF, a group borne out of the Roman Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, has proposed creating a fund that would bypass the church hierarchy and give directly to archdiocese charities. ‘The approach does not recognize the role of the archbishop and his responsibility in providing for the various programs and activities of the church,’ Donna Morrissey, spokeswoman for Cardinal Bernard Law, said in a statement. Mike Emerton, a spokesman for VOTF said the group was ‘a little confused’ by the announcement because it had not fully explained the fund to the archdiocese. ‘If the Cardinal’s Appeal is down 30 to 40 percent, and programs have to be closed, and the public knows there’s a pool of money waiting that the laity contributed to make sure that the organizations are running, and the Archdiocese flat-out refuses to accept it, that would be a very unfortunate situation,’ Emerton said.


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