Chapter 26 – BANNED

Written By: luke4079

In Camden, Bishop Nicholas joined Archbishop Myers in banning VOTF from church property in South Jersey. Among the bans, one of the most publicly covered was the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York. VOTF had a very smart and active group in RockVille Centre that was backed-up by members of the clergy, as illustrated by this message from a Rev.: “I have been a priest for over 56 years and I have never felt so disappointed in our bishops as I am today for their antagonistic stance against VOTF. I went to Boston for the VOTF convention and I was deeply impressed by the sincere love and loyalty for the Catholic faith. While some of them privately believe that there shouldn’t be mandatory celibacy for priests, nor should their be bans on contraception, the VOTF leadership members were careful not to call for any changes except for greater collegiality and accountability on the part of the hierarchy, as already called for by Vatican II… Then, when I read that some bishops refused to allow these dedicated people to meet in church buildings which they, themselves, had paid for, I was profoundly ashamed… Bishop, may I ask you to kindly reconsider your decision in this matter? The people of VOTF are our friends, not enemies. ~ Respectfully Yours, Rev….”


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